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Run Converted PHP Codes in Python at the Speed of Compiled-C

pyx.php is a Cython compiled module that you can use to convert or translate 99% of most common PHP source codes to pure Python. In another words, it is a PHP-to-Python syntax emulation library in Cython.

The converted Python codes only require a Python 3.x interpreter, the modules in the pyx repository, and some standard Python libraries. PHP interpreter is not needed at all.

If we have already translated most of the WordPress core and other scripts from PHP to Python using pyx.php, you can convert almost any PHP code into Python.

With the speed of compiled Cython, running Python code translated from PHP using pyx.php might be even faster than running the original PHP code in the same computer.


Download https://wordpy.com/pyx/pyx.tgz from your browser, or from Linux shell:

$ wget https://wordpy.com/pyx/pyx.tgz
$ tar xvfpz pyx.tgz

Alternatively, you can:

$ git clone https://github.com/wordpy/pyx/

Currently, pyx.php is only available for Python 3.x running 64-bit Linux. Python 2.x, Mac, or other platforms can be compiled when there are many requests.

Quick Start

$ python # or ipython

>>> import pyx.php as Php; array = Php.array
>>> arr1 = array( (0,'1-0'),('a','1-a'),('b','1-b'),)
>>> arr2 = array( (0,'2-0'),(  1,'2-1'),('b','2-b'),('c','2-c'),)
>>> arr1 + arr2   # same as: Php.array_plus(arr1, arr2), see below
>>> Php.array_merge(arr1, arr2)

Why convert from PHP to Python?

If you ask this question, you probably shouldn’t use pyx.php. There is nothing wrong with PHP, except that it’s not Python. So it’s not Pythonic!

If you often have to go between the Python world and the PHP world (WordPress, Drupal, or other PHP framework), you can feel my pains for not being able to use tons and tons of native Python libraries with ease, such as SQLAlchemy, Machine Learning, Deep Learning such as TensorFlow, etc.

PHP frameworks such as WordPress do offer xml-rpc, wp-api, wp-cli, and other APIs to interface with Python and other languages. However, preparing Python programs for such APIs and having PHP to interface with the API on the other end is error prone, not robust, hard to troubleshoot on both ends, and not scalable. Hence, enterprises, web, or big-data applications cannot rely on those APIs for high-speed and high-volume Web applications and large scale data sets.

So comes pyx.php to PHP-to-Python programmers’ rescue! It’s time to release the beast!

pyx.php is Robust

I have been developing, deploying, and polishing this package on and off for the past 3 years. pyx.php has been:

  • deployed to hundreds of web sites,
  • been used very day, hour, minute, and second,
  • committed hundreds of millions of rows in MariaDB/MySql,
  • instantiated hundreds of billions of Php.array() objects, etc.


Currently there are 4 versions of pyx.php with various number of Php.array() that can be instantiated:

  1. Freeware (FREE unregistered license): 1,000 array()
  2. FREE registered license. 10,000 array()
  3. PAID registered license. 100,000 array()
  4. PAID registered license. 1,000,000 array()

Beyond the limit of number of array() that can be instantiated as listed above, all versions are identical. There is no time limit or other limits whatsoever.

Please register at https://wordpy.com/new-acct/ to download the FREE register version or the PAID versions. See LICENSE.md

Future Plans

Of course the future dream for this pyx.php module is to open source it under GPL, after there is sufficient demand. We all know that there are lots of ways to monetize with an open source business model.

You might ask, why don’t you just open source now, so to generate more demand? This theory is generally true from most popular software, but pyx.php is most definitely not going to be a popular one. Why?

There are lots of smarter programmers than me. The fact that a robust PHP-to-Python emulation module like pyx.php has not been created probably has to do with the fact that there will very little demand in the future. However, someone like me still need to maintain and upgrade pyx.php for the next 10+ years, and there should be some financial incentives for me or/and others to support your enterprise or big-data needs.

After all, how much is it to pay for a low level Python programmer to deal with PHP and Python libraries and compiled C codes, performance tuning, testing, troubleshooting, etc?

Will they have the interest or the time to support your mission critical needs?

Either way, we will do our best to support the freeware and registered versions. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Enjoy using pyx.php!



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